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Useful questions and answers

Business Fibre Services

1How do I qualify for this service?
Business Fibre services are available in Kroonstad,,Bloemfontein and to businesses along our Build Routes. A feasibility check is the first step towards checking if you qualify for fibre. We use your GPS coordinates or physical street address to check if there is fibre in your area.
2What is the turn-around time for an installation?
Once installation has been approved and reticulation of the building has commenced, the turn-around time is approximately 60days. If your building is already reticulated, installation time is approximately 30 days.
3What are the contract periods?
Our Business Fibre services are available on a 24, 36, 60 month contract basis.
4What are the activation fees?
The Activation Fee varies depending on the monthly fee you select to pay.
5Do I need a router?
We provide a wired fibre router over which the service runs. This router remains our property and needs to be returned to us, if you cancel your service. The router has basis wifi (up to 20Mbps). To achieve higher speeds over wifi should plug your own 802.11ac wireless access point into our router.
6Can I keep my current telephone number?
Yes, we will port your current telephone number at no cost.
7Do I need to keep my current telephone line to have a Business Fibre service?
No. Our service offer VoIP (Voice over IP) and so a landline is not needed.
8What is the contention ratio?
Business fibre 1:10
9Is there a Fair Usage Policy?
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