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Contact us for any queries or Contact our ISP partners for any connectivity queries 

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Network Operations Center

Tel: 085 300 0300
Email: noc@accessglobal.co.za

ISP Sales

Tel: 085 300 0300
Email: ftth@accessglobal.co.za

Don't have fibre?

If you would like us to connect your neighbourhood or complex, kindly email us at:

Wayleave Applications

Email: wayleave@accessglobal.co.za

End-customer issue report/complaint

If you’re having connectivity issues, please contact your Internet Service Provider first.
AGC only deals with end-customer issues, that are reported via the Internet Service Provider.

ISP Support Queries

Air Broadband

Tel: 051-555 0000
Email: info@airbroadband.co.za

Website: www.airbroadband.co.za


Tel: 087-820 0688
Email: sales@airtelecom.co.za

Website: www.airtelecom.co.za

Carfone (Kroonstad)
Tel: 056-555 0000
Email: info@carfone.co.za

Website: www.carfone.co.za

Tel: 021-286 0123
Email: info@cybersmart.co.za

Website: www.cybersmart.co.za


Tel: 051-447 2000
Email: info@davocorp.co.za

Website: www.davo.co.za

Tel: 051-400 6900
Email: info@iclix.co.za

Website: www.iclix.co.za

Contact us for any questions

Phone: 085 300 0300
Hours: 7AM - 5PM Monday to Friday
Email: noc@accessglobal.co.za